30 Jul 2020 16:54

Kremlin expects to receive more info on detention of Russians in Belarus - Peskov

MOSCOW. July 30 (Interfax) - The Kremlin does not currently possess all the information on the detention of Russian citizens in Belarus and expects to receive it following Ambassador Dmitry Mezentsev's meetings at the Belarusian Foreign Ministry, as well as through special services' channels, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

"Certainly, we so far have incomplete information on the incident," Peskov told journalists on Thursday.

"What we can ascertain so far is: we know that 33 Russian citizens were detained in Belarus yesterday. Another 200 are wanted," Peskov said.

"Our ambassador is communicating with the [Belarusian] Foreign Ministry and counterparts in Minsk today. We expect to receive exhaustive information on what happened based on this communication, as well as through communication channels between the special services," he said.

Peskov was also asked why the men detained in Belarus have not been prosecuted in Russia for involvement in the fighting in Donbas and Syria. "Perhaps you know more than I do. I'm not aware that they've been detained precisely based on these grounds," he said.

Peskov said he has no information confirming that these people have been involved in the fighting in Donbas.

Peskov was told that writer Zakhar Prilepin has confirmed that the men detained in Belarus include some people he was with in Donbas. "Yes, we'll take this into account," Peskov replied.

Asked whether this might somehow influence the Kremlin's opinion on the reasons behind these people's detention, Peskov said, "No."