30 Jun 2020 13:46

OMV chief: Europe must offer unified response to US sanctions against Nord Stream 2

MOSCOW. June 30 (Interfax) -Europe must offer a unified response to U.S. sanctions against Nord Stream 2, chairman of the OMV executive board and president of the Russian-German Chamber of Foreign Trade Rainer Seele said.

"I'm glad I'm a representative of business, not a politician. After all, this is a task for politicians," he said, answering a question on the possible response from the European Union and Germany to the threat of new U.S. sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

"But it is important that this not be on the level of Germany, but on the level of the EU. Europe must demonstrate solidarity, offer a unified response," he said.

He denied that Nord Stream 2 would increase Europe's dependence on Russia, arguing that even if Russia's supply from Russia were to stop completely, Europe would be able to substitute those supplies with liquefied natural gas.

OMV is one of the creditors of the Nord Stream 2 construction site. From the very beginning of the project, its participants have been "in a very intensive dialogue with all ministries and departments and have communicated their arguments to those responsible for making certain decisions," Seele said.