3 Jun 2021 12:57

Interfax, 1C announce new features of 1SPARK Risks service at SPIEF

Interfax Group and 1C Company have expanded the capabilities of their joint service 1SPARK Risks, giving users verifying counterparties the ability to move from the 1C system to the card of the company being analyzed in the interface of the SPARK information and analytical system.

This will give 1SPARK Risks users access to the most comprehensive information about their partners and broader capabilities to analyze them.

The new features will be available in the upcoming release of 1C: Accounting, 1C and Interfax said at a joint press briefing at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).

Users of the 1SPARK Risks+ premium version can now review up to 150 full cards of counterparties directly in the web version of the SPARK system for the same annual rate.

Users of the joint service will still be able to request individual business reports on 150 companies through the 1SPARK Risks service. In the 1C service it will be possible to receive business reports on one list of companies, and in the SPARK web version it will be possible to open cards on other companies.

"The 1SPARK Risks service was launched in 2016 and it has come to be appreciated by many small and medium businesses, which can now obtain the same quality information about counterparties from the SPARK premium system as large businesses. The composition and price of the basic version of 1SPARK Risks have remained unchanged for the past five years, but we are regularly expanding the service's capabilities to meet the growing needs of entrepreneurs. The new features will enable users of the service to obtain the most comprehensive information about their counterparties," 1C Company CEO Boris Nuraliyev said at the briefing.

"In actively developing our joint service throughout the past five years, we have already improved analytical assessments of companies' risks and the monitoring system, expanded the content of business reports, and added information about individual entrepreneurs. Now we are giving customers even broader capabilities for analysing counterparties, as regards ownership structure, their involvement in court cases, financial statements and so on. This will increase the transparency of the client portfolio, make it possible to more effectively manage relations with clients and suppliers, and avoid problems with receivables and entering into questionable transactions," Interfax Group Executive Director Vladimir Gerasimov said.

All 1C users can test out the new features of 1SPARK Risks+ for a trial period of seven days. The trial will include SPARK indexes for all counterparties, monitoring of all counterparties, report requests for five counterparties, and access to cards on five counterparties in the SPARK web version.

1SPARK Risks is a joint project that 1C Company and Interfax Group created in 2016 based on the SPARK system and built into 1C software. It enables users to manage tax risks and comprehensively assess the integrity of counterparties. The service is already being used by tens of thousands of organizations. One of the advantages of the service is its popular scores: the Due Diligence Index, Financial Risk Index and Payment Discipline Index. These indicators make it possible to predict the deterioration of a company's financial position and track delays in payments, which is particularly important in the current situation.

The service gives users of 1C software access to extensive information about their suppliers and customers in the form of reports from the SPARK system, certified by Interfax's electronic signature. It also promptly alerts them about important changes in the status of their counterparties, such as bankruptcy, change in management, merger with another company and so on.

Interfax is Russia's largest non-governmental information group, having created the advanced information and analytical systems SPARK, SCAN, RuData, Marker, and X-Compliance that help businesses manage risks and work with data efficiently. The group includes one of the most well-known and most cited Russian news agencies in the world, Interfax, whose clients include leading media outlets, government agencies, and major corporations and banks in Russia and globally.

1C Company specializes in software development, distribution, publication and support. 1C works with users through an extensive partnership network of more than 10,000 permanent partners in 25 countries, including more than 8,000 1C: Franchising partners certified by 1C to provide comprehensive business automation services.

1C's best-known software solution is 1C: Enterprise, an ERP solution to increase the efficiency of businesses and institutions, built on an innovative technology platform that ensures flexibility, scalability and productivity of corporate decisions, and supports cloud services and mobile devices. 1C: Enterprise is being successfully used for automation of management and accounting by more than 1.5 million organizations, including major corporations and government institutions. The system is the leader on the ERP market in Russia by number of automated work stations. More than 20 services are now offered to users of 1C: Enterprise ERP and accounting solutions to increase efficiency (portal.1c.ru).