25 Mar 2021 12:44

SPARK again tops RAEX ranking of information and analytics systems for business

SPARK-Interfax has again topped the RAEX Rating Agency's (RAEX Analytics) annual ranking of information and analytics systems for verification of counterparties by a substantial margin.

As it did a year previously, SPARK-Interfax received first place across all the main "rating factors," including completeness of data, functional and service capabilities, recognition and presentation in media, and assessment from experts both representing the interests of users of analytical systems and from participants in the sector itself.

RAEX expanded its assessment criteria this year, as well as the list of systems analyzed - to 32 from 21 last year.

Each system was assessed according to 109 parameters grouped into 31 rating criteria.

A new feature of the second issue of the rating was expansion of the "second dimension" - an addition to the traditional approach in which the object of rating is assessed by independent experts and the subjective opinion of the market itself is taken into account.

Taking into account all factors, SPARK received the highest amount of points in the final ranking - 92.54.

RAEX Analytics is the largest Russian agency in the sphere of non-credit ratings. It conducts rankings, assigns non-credit ratings, and carries out industry and market research.

Information and analytics systems are used by businesses for assessment of tax and credit risks, verification of counterparties, investment analysis, and marketing.

SPARK-Interfax is the widely acknowledged industry standard in the Russian market of services related to assessing credit risks and ensuring business security. The system is used to conduct due diligence on counterparties and manage risks and receivables. According to a survey carried out by Deloitte, 71.5% of large and medium-sized companies use SPARK to evaluate potential partners.