25 Dec 2020 14:41

MSU journalism department announces results of annual competition for Boris Grishchenko

 The Journalism Department of Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) and Interfax Group have summed up the results of the creative competition for the Boris Grishchenko Scholarship.

The name of the Interfax-2021 scholarship recipient was announced on Thursday at the Journalism Department's annual Internship Day. It was awarded to third-year student Daria Molotkova.

By decision of the competition committee, the Interfax diploma for high quality of work submitted to the competition was awarded to Ksenia Sigayeva, a third-year student. Sigaeva was an Interfax Scholar in 2020.

The Interfax Group Scholarship is awarded to students for active work in the information genre, which is especially relevant in 2020, when the whole world has transitioned to remote work. Among other things, people have been distanced from truth and looked for it more than ever this year, which is shown in an increase in traffic and a huge interest in the news. I congratulate the winners on their worthy awards and wish them new creative achievements!" Interfax Deputy Head Yury Pogorely said, summing up the results of the contest.

A total of 14 people took part in the Interfax Group creative scholarship contest. Among them were Marat Gurtsiev, Yulia Kulikova, Daria Labutina, Anastasia Satarova, Maria Gordeeva, Anastasia Evteeva, Yulia Zakharova, Victoria Kolganova, Daria Luchkina, Kristina Pirakhmedova, Ekaterina Torgushina and Daria Chernyshova.

The competition committee, which included representatives from Moscow State University and Interfax, evaluated not only the quality of the works submitted by student interns (at least 20 articles published in the media, prepared during the internship), but also successful completion of the academic semester.

The Boris Grishchenko Scholarship was established by the Interfax Group at the MSU Journalism Department in 2004 in memory of the famous reporter Boris Grishchenko (1937-2004) to encourage young journalists deciding to start their professional career in information journalism.

The competition for the scholarship is held annually at the beginning of the academic year, and the name of the recipient is traditionally announced at the Journalism Intern Day at Moscow State University at the end of December.

Boris Grishchenko devoted almost 40 years of his life to information journalism: beginning in 1966 he worked at the Leningrad branch of TASS and beginning in 1970 he was a political observer at TASS in Moscow. He joined Interfax when the news agency was taking its first steps - in 1991. By then he was already a well-known journalist. In 1999 his work was recognized with the high state award - the Order of Honor. For many years Boris Grishchenko worked as a Kremlin pool correspondent and was knowledgeable about life in the Kremlin.

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