20 Oct 2020 18:13

Interfax newswire now available in VTB My Investments mobile app

VTB Capital Investments has updated its VTB My Investments mobile application, enriching it with access to the Interfax newswire. Users can now view the most important Russian and global economic news within the application in real time.

The integration of the Interfax newswire into the VTB My Investments application will allow customers to set up news alerts relating to companies from their own investment portfolios, to view the most important information at the same time as professional investors, and to react to market-moving news in a timely fashion.

Interfax news delivered via brokerage terminals covers the economic situation in Russia and leading countries, macroeconomic statistics, and news about the activities of the Russian market's 50 most liquid issuers and 50 top companies of the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange. Interfax correspondents prepare consensus forecasts of the financial condition of the largest Russian companies from analysts of leading investment houses. Comparison of IFRS financial statements with consensus forecasts drives the value of the company's shares. The Interfax newswire also contains recommendations and investment ideas from respected analysts. Interfax's industry overviews are interesting for those who have chosen fundamental investment strategies.

"Private investors are taking a more substantial role in the stock market, their share in transactions and trading volumes is growing, and this trend is likely to continue. As individual investors increased their presence in the market, the importance of news is also growing, because private investors are active readers. We are very happy that market leaders are interested in their clients being well informed and making well-considered decisions based on reliable, verified information," said Yury Pogorely, Executive Director of Interfax's Financial & Business Information Service.

"VTB Capital Investments is constantly working to improve its products and services, and we regularly update the VTB My Investments mobile application, which has repeatedly been recognized as the best in the country, and expand its functionality. The Interfax newswire which has now appeared in the application will make the process of making investment decisions even more convenient for our users. Interest in investments is growing rapidly in Russia, and our investment platform is used by more than 200,000 clients daily. Monthly transactions worth more than 1 trillion rubles are made through the application, and the total amount of funds managed by VTB Capital Investments since the beginning of the year has increased 1.5-fold and topped 2.9 trillion rubles. And I am sure that in the future these figures will only grow," said Vladimir Potapov, CEO of VTB Capital Investment Management and VTB Senior Vice President.